The Omnivoyant Eyes of Christ

Recently, I began to read the writings of Christian mystics

who lived in the Middle Ages. This might seem odd to some of you, but it was the result of seeking our omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient God. Our Creator. I wondered what others who had sought Him had found. I discovered in the difficult old English of the 1400s that others had found much and they had written about it. I will share about that in a moment. But first I’ll tell you what led me to go deeper.

God is impossible for us to fully comprehend. So He sent us Jesus. . . God’s love become man. Jesus said, “I and the Father are one.” So I can be sure what I know about Jesus, is true about God. But many of the truths of the Bible reside in the triune God who is immutable, infinite and eternal, and beyond my understanding. For example, how much He loves me. Yes, I say I understand that He loved me so much that He sent His only Son to die for me. But do I really understand the depth of what that means? Is it only “ a truth” I read in the Bible? Or is it “my truth” that I live out each day? I understand that He will  never leave me or forsake me. Really? Do I live my life like I believe that? Free of worry, full of peace and joy daily as I walk in that blessed assurance. He is always present with me, beholding me, as a father watches his child. Oh, for that to be truth to me. “If only, Lord, I could grasp in some way, from the confines of my senses, how you care for me,” I whispered as I sought Him.  How is it possible that He personally knows, watches and cares for each one of us? There are billions of people, and I know that He covets each one of their hearts, but how can He be engaged with each one . . .  all at the same time???

He answered my question in the most unexpected way. He used something that exists in our physical world, is perceived by our senses,  and perfectly illustrates what I am asking. He used art. Paintings. Created by German artists of the middle ages. Paintings in which the central figure’s gaze never leaves the one who gazes at it. And God pointed me to them through the writings of St. Nicholas of Cusa. A Christian mystic who lived in the 1400s who had also sought to know God in deeper ways. There was something about being able to look at paintings that depicted omnivoyant eyes, eyes that are always upon you no matter where you stand to observe the painting, that helped me realize that it is not only possible that Christ’s eyes are always on each of us at all times, but that it is certainly so.

If a human being can depict such a gaze, than surely God can manifest it. Though some think that the creation of these all seeing eyes must surely be divinely wrought through the painters hands, as the word pictures of the Bible are divinely inspired. And that is worth pondering. Below is a link to such a painting. If you click on the link it will appear on your screen. Now, let the picture stay in one place and you move to the right. The eyes will still be upon you. Move to the left. The gaze has  not left you. Now call someone into the room with you and ask them to stand apart from you. Ask if the figure in the painting is looking at them. Is the figure still gazing at you? 

Do you suddenly have a clearer understanding of how it is possible for the God of the universe to continually, lovingly have His eyes on you and all humankind at all times? Watching and caring for each of us without partiality to any individual. Does it give deeper meaning to the words of Psalms 33 – “The Lord looks from heaven; He sees all the sons of men; From His dwelling place He looks intently upon all the inhabitants of the earth . . . ”

For me it was an epiphany. I hope sharing this truth blesses you. Before this journey into the Middle Ages the Psalm spoke of “a truth.” One I read about in the Bible. But now it is “my truth.” My faith is strengthened because I know He watches me.

I would love for you to comment and tell me if this concept made Christ more personal to you in some way. Did it give you insight into the intimacy that is possible with Him? I believe that every verse in the Bible holds deep, deep truths that only the Holy Spirit can reveal. I have discovered others and hope God will inspire me with words to share them in future posts. And please share with me what He shows you as you seek to know Him more deeply.


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  1. Pola Muzyka says

    We see God through our own abilities, but God being omnipotent is unreachable in human understanding. “Who can understand the mind of God?” I think if we strive daily to “crucify our flesh”, trying to comprehend how and why God loves us so much we come up with only a small fraction of the ‘why’ and ‘how’. The simple truth is that He created life, our lives, as he created everything else, and the only human thinking that can help us with that reach is in how we feel about something special that we create. We can’t create life but we can certainly see life through us as in having a child. Although we can only see “as in a mirror, dimly” we know that God loves his creation and I guess that’s all we need to know in order to believe and receive.

  2. Pola, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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