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Winter 2008

Hi All,

As many of you know, I just sold the film rights to The Winds of Sonoma. Needless to say I am VERY excited about this. Filming is supposed to start this summer. The script should be finished this month and casting will begin. I should get a copy of the script next week. They have a list of Latino actors they are considering to play Antonio’s part. I have no idea who will play me! And a CD is planned. As you know music was a big part of the story. They also optioned the other two books in the series.

I have now written 150 pages of my novel about Muslims, Fear No Evil. My agent negotiated a sale on it twice, but both times it fell through. The subject is very controversial so we have decided to wait until the book is finished before we put it out there again. In one case the publisher offered me a contact if I would write something else. That forced me to think about why I write. I consider my writing a ministry and my books have a clear message that is based on a specific spiritual principle. I decided I didn’t want to just write just for entertainment or to fill the need of a publisher’ list, so I declined the offer. Not that there is anything wrong with authors who do write for those reasons. We are all called differently. I write because I feel passionately about something. Without the passion, I have no desire to write. I believe that God prospers what He ordains so I expect when the timing is right it will all come together. For those of you who haven’t read my latest release, be sure to pick up a copy of As I Have Loved You. The book was inspired by a personal experience!

I was thrilled to learn that I was chosen as the Writer of the Year by the Idaho Writers League. This is a state award and was based on a committee down south that received nominations from all over the state, read all the books of all the nominees that were published in 2006, then chose the outstanding writer. Imagine my surprise when I won. My name will be added to a plaque in the Capitol Building in Boise.

Then in a ceremony held at the American Christian Fiction Writers annual conference in Dallas, The Fragrance of Roses was chosen as the Book of the Year in the Women’s Fiction category. My agent accepted the award for me.

I was so honored to find out that I have been selected to teach a class, Seven Secrets for a Successful Novel, at the Romance Writers of America’s 28th Annual National Conference at the San Francisco Marriott from July 30–August 2, 2008. Any of you who live in that area, I’d love to meet you and personalize any of my books that you have, or sign copies if you want to give them as gifts. I’m not sure of my schedule yet so drop me a note if you want to meet up or if you are attending the conference.

Remember, I still sell real estate. If you are buying or selling anywhere in the United States, contact me and I can refer you to a Realtor. Sometimes it’s hard to find a Realtor when you move to an area where you don’t know anyone. I have contacts and can help you. I have recently referred people to agents in Texas, Michigan, and Nevada.





At the moment, Leigh Scott had everything she wanted in her life. Her wonderful son Jeff, her adoring cat Max and her God-sent book deal from a major publishing company. Although she has had heartbreaks, disappointments and failures, Leigh had always been strong enough to move on and walk into the plans that God had for her future. Until now.

Ever since he could remember, Jeff knew he had a special call on his life. It was simple. To love the unloved. Opportunities always came his way and he knew beyond a doubt that God always sent them. Meeting Jessica only confirmed his beliefs further. Soon, with Jessica as the love of his life, complications begin to arise. His mother, Leigh, suddenly became judgmental, critical, and un-accepting of his choices. This in effect, created a terrible rift between him, his mother, Jessica and unfortunately, God.

John Higheagle had more than his share of heartache. His one true love had been ripped away from his life and he never knew the reason behind it. He could take a guess that the stress might have done it, but he was sure that Leigh was strong enough to have stood up to her father. Years later, with a healed heart and a clear mind, John, with the lead of the Holy Spirit is finally following the plan for his life. Suddenly, his world is turned upside down when his faith is challenged by his painful past.

AS I HAVE LOVED YOU, by Nikki Arana was a deep and powerful read. Ms Arana’s style of writing pulls you into her book in such a way, that it seriously challenges you deep within your heart. I found myself comparing my thoughts to every one of her characters’ thoughts and realizing that we all fall short, but God is a restorer and is forgiving of all of our shortcomings. You will never be disappointed when reading one of Ms Arana’s books. She truly writes from the heart and gets down to the real issues plaguing our world and especially the “faith” community. This is a highly recommended read and be sure to run and get her other books . . . she won’t disappoint you. Thanks you Ms Arana!

Reviewed by Maisha Walker for The Road to Romance


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