Winds of Sonoma – Discussion Questions

The Winds of Sonoma
Discussion Questions


1. The wind in the book is a metaphor. When did you first notice a reference to the wind? List the various references to the wind and notice if a pattern emerges. Discuss the significance of these references and their link to the book’s title. What does the wind symbolize?

2. The hero, Antonio Perez, grew up living under a tree somewhere near Guadalajara. Discuss how these humble beginnings helped shape his character.

3. Angelica’s intention when she went to speak with her boss at the law firm in New York was to be reassigned within the firm. Was this the right thing to do when she knew the company was engaged in exploiting the Mexican laborers? Should she have distanced herself from the company? Should she have reported them?

4. Regalo Grande means “big gift.” Gifts are a theme of the book. Starting with the ranch, and following through to salvation, discuss what “gifts” are woven into the story, both tangibly and symbolically? How are they used as subtext to the story?

5. Antonio has no money, no power, and no worldly possessions. He has only his God-given gifts with which to win Angelica. Discuss what they are, and how he uses them.

6. Angelica is initially attracted to Antonio because she saw his beautiful spirit. Discuss why she was so moved by his humble act of cleaning the water trough.

7. When Angelica asks Chick Antonio’s name, he says, “It doesn’t matter what you call him. He’s just a Mexican.” What did Chick mean by that? Did you feel outraged when you read it, or did you just think it was rude? Do you feel more strongly about it now that you’ve read the book? If so, why?

8. When Antonio is offered a chance to use his guitar to find fame and solve his financial problems, he makes an unusual decision. Discuss why he did this. What was there in his character, his culture and his worldview that formed his decision? What would you do if presented with a similar opportunity?

9. When Antonio plays the guitar it speaks to Angelica’s heart. Why?

10. Angelica’s parents couldn’t accept Antonio. It was not just because of his race. What reasons did they have that were legitimate concerns?

11. Antonio carried with him the customs of his culture. What cultural differences did you find appealing? Were there any you would like to adopt?

12. Ron Kay helped Antonio when he knew that Antonio had crossed the border illegally. Using Biblical principles, discuss what he should have done?

13. Discuss the moral dilemma presented by the man who needed cancer medicine for his wife, and broke the law to get it. What would Jesus have done?

14. What Christlike qualities did Antonio exemplify in the way he lived his life?

15. Antonio was not the traditional alpha male hero of romances, he was a man of gentleness and honor. He acted heroically when confronted with moral dilemmas. What were these dilemmas? Name specific moral dilemmas you are confronted with daily. What scriptural principles do you apply?