Fragrance of Roses – Discussion Questions

The Fragrance Of Roses
Discussion Questions


  1. The fragrance or scent of roses was mentioned several times in the book. What was it a symbol of?

  2. Manuel had an imaginary companion. Do you think there was more to it? Which passages in the book would lead you to believe that? What scriptural references are there regarding angels?

  3. Chapter One opens with Anica making Manuel a crown out of construction paper. How was a crown used in the book to foreshadow the ending? What did it symbolize? Manuel cherished his paper crown, what passages in the book hint that he had a special understanding about it. Do you think he did?

  4. Cirocco is a symbol for “the least of these” spoken about in Matthew 25. If you were traveling in Mexico and saw him, how would you have reacted to him? What if you had seen him dipping his shirt into the water at the foot of the statue, what would you have thought he was doing and why?

  5. There are many examples in the book of God using the devastating circumstances of people’s lives to ultimately bless them and further His kingdom. How did He use Dr. Dorak, Ines, Cirocco, the missing men, and others?

  6. There were many parallels drawn between the physical world and the spiritual world. One was the “truth” that the life is in the blood. How was Manuel’s need for a blood donor a metaphor for Christ’s death on the cross? What other parallels did you see?

  7. The principal, Jack O’Hare, had an agenda regarding prayer in school. His first tactic was to tell Angelica it was illegal to have prayer in school. What did Angelica find out about this issue? How did he use intimidation to further his agenda? What are you and your children’s rights regarding prayer in school?

  8. In the Regalo Grande series Antonio is a Christ figure. A perfect man. In this book he is tempted to lie. What happens in Mexico that makes him vulnerable? If lying would save Manuel, should he have done it? What are the scriptural references that support your position?

  9. Toward the end of the book Cirocco meets a crippled man in a restaurant. The man’s conversation is cryptic. Who was he? What was his purpose in appearing there? When he reappears later, what is the unspoken spiritual message of the two scenes?

  10. Cirocco’s life on the street has hardened him. What happened when he lay near death in the mountains? What did his dream reveal about the believers in his life? How can this be applied to your own life and the “Ciroccos” you meet?

  11. Manuel was stricken with cancer. This book takes you on the journey to his healing. How many other “healings,” physical, spiritual, and emotional, took place because of what happened to Manuel?

  12. How did God answer the prayers for Manuel’s healing? What are some examples of God answering your prayers in an unexpected way?

  13. What was the crystal sea?

  14. Do you think Benito Amante came to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior? Which passages in the book led you to believe he did or didn’t?

  15. As I researched this book I spent a great deal of time investigating the possibility that a match could be found for Manuel outside of his immediate family. Surprisingly, researchers and doctors in the field of oncology found my story premise to be plausible and encouraged me to write the book. Others found the idea implausible and discouraged me from writing the book. Now that the book is in print, I have heard from several people who experienced different kinds of miracles that resulted in their child being healed of cancer and other diseases. Do you think a book like this offers false hope or real hope to people that find themselves in this situation? Is there such a thing as false hope? What are the scriptural references for your position?