The Next Target discussion questions


 The Next Target by Nikki Arana

 1.   What did the prologue foreshadow in the book?

 2.   In the first chapter, Sabirah is caught up to the spiritual realm before her uncle fires his gun. Is there anything in the Scriptures to support the idea that this could happen? 

 3.   Austia considered lying to Zaki about why she had to fire him, and thought about how Rahab lied. Is it ever okay to lie? Why or why not?

 4.   What were some of the cultural misunderstandings that Steve had with the Muslims? Do you agree with Steve that Muslims should conform to American culture since they are living in America?

 5.   As the result of reading The Next Target, discuss whether you would:

      A.  Invite a Muslim neighbor into your home

      B.  Visit a mosque

      C.  Offer your home as a safe house for a Muslim Background Believer

 6.   There was a lot of controversy in the town of Agua Viva about the call for prayer. If you lived there and attended the city council meeting, would you have asked to speak, and if you did, what would you have said?

 7.   “What do you think Mr. Rahman said in the letter he wanted Austia to read at the meeting? Why were the Rahmans able to embrace Austia like a daughter?”

 8.   What conflicts did Zaki struggle with because he was undercover? Do you think he would have let Austia die if it was necessary in order to stop the cell from carrying out its attack?

 9.   What Islamic beliefs or cultural practices did you learn that surprised you?

 10. Did you think Hussein was not only evil but actually possessed by the Devil? Why or why not?

 11. What spiritual truth do you think the author was illustrating by having Zaki’s gun be the one that shot Austia?

 12. What spiritual principle was exemplified through the poisoned water and Hussein’s death?

 13. Why do you think Hussein told Zaki he had to kill Austia?

 14. What happened that changed Taj’s mind about being a jihadist?

 15. Would you share your faith if it would cost you your life?