I blog, therefore I am. I love to blog. I especially love to blog about things that Christ has shown me as He walks with me. Often they are life-changing lessons that I want to share with others so they will be encouraged. I would really like to hear from you and blog about things that are common to us all. I would love it if you would write to me about something God has shown you, or something you wish He would explain to you. Like – this thing happened and I learned this. OR Like – This thing happened and I cannot understand why. This request was promted in me this morning as I thought about the verse – Bear one another’s burdens and thus fulfill the law of Christ. I will blog about the things I receive and others can comment and share what God has shown them about that thing. Just close your eyes for a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to prompt you if He has something for you to share. A burden or a blessing. You can comment here, or you can write to me at nikki@nikkiarana.com.

Please add your words for the journey

  1. MaryAnn Frerichs says:

    What has been standing out to me as I listen to speakers and read, is the need to linger more in my time with the Lord in prayer. Slow down so I can listen to his voice. Meditate on the scriptures.

  2. Lisa Johnson says:

    Last year in what turned out to be the last year of care taking for my mother in-law with Alzheimer’s, I began to blog book reviews. I consider it a ministry God has given me to help others see Christ and read excellent Christ centered fiction.
    I love the Word and right now I am studying the Book of Exodus with a friend. It is so awesome how Christ is foreshadowed through the Tabernacle in many ways. Without Him I couldn’t have made it through the toughest season of care-taking and the hard times associated with it. He is so Faithful and He is awesome, I love Him.

  3. MaryAnn and Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing. I am going to be blogging about things that people write here and on my FB Author page and my personal page. I believe that when we share our burdens we all become stronger.

Post your words for the journey . . .


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