I woke up this morning wondering if today was the day

that something would break my way. Not that there haven’t been good things that have happened recently. There have been, and I praise His name for that. But that doesn’t diminish my desire for the things I hope and pray for that God has yet to birth. Things that have become a struggle.

This is an area of weakness in my life. Always looking ahead with bated breath, eyes on the future, watching intently to see if God is going to bless the hard work I believe I am doing at His request. Then remembering the times He has chosen not to do that and wondering if that’s going to happen again. This behavior never fails to steal the joy of his present blessings that are as close by as a glance out my window at the beautiful, sunny morning He’s gifted me, or the Bible that is well within my reach with His truth printed in black and white for me to draw strength from.

I began to think about that and how it is I get focused on the negative things in my life. I’d love to blame Satan. But I’m old enough to have figured out that if I’m not careful Satan gets a lot of credit he doesn’t deserve from me. A little honest introspection often reveals it’s my natural mind that misdirects me. Yes, my own thinking that, when drawn from life experiences without the filter of the Holy Spirit, can sabotage my day almost before it starts. 

So, this morning when I woke up and found that the natural Nikki was alive and well with her natural mind busy thinking about all the things that might or would go wrong in her natural world, I reached for the sword of the Spirit on the table next to my bed, whispered the words, “Help me,” and prepared to put those thoughts to death. 

As all of you have surely had happen, the pages fell of their own accord to words that spoke to the very question I was asking. 1 John 4:4 – For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. I read it again. It doesn’t say, might overcome the world, or should overcome the world. It says overcomes the world! I am born of God. The things that He calls me to do are born of God. I will overcome the world not because of who I am but because of who He is and what He says. And beyond that, the overcoming is active, happening right now in my life!

I suddenly realize that yes, today is the day something will break for me . . . is breaking for me as I type. And it isn’t some little thing like an awesome review or a #1 ranking on Amazon. It is the overcoming of the world! And I don’t have to do anything but faith into the Truth that God has already done it. He has set my course. And in whatever way He chooses to prosper what He has ordained for me, it will break for me just as He has planned it. It will fulfill His purpose in my life and the part my life is to play in His master plan.

I encourage you to think about this with me. It’s no coincidence you’re reading my blog. Rejoice with me in the spiritual truth that today is the day things are breaking our way. It is happening right now!



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