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Those of you who know me well know I have been

struggling with many difficulties over the past several years and especially in recent months as those difficulties insist on playing out in my life. I have been deeply disappointed by people I love, (how many times do I need the lesson that when I put my faith in man instead of God, I will always be disappointed?). My forty years  experience as a real estate broker that [Read more…]


I woke up this morning wondering if today was the day

that something would break my way. Not that there haven’t been good things that have happened recently. There have been, and I praise His name for that. But that doesn’t diminish my desire for the things I hope and pray for that God has yet to birth. Things that have become a struggle.

This is an area of weakness in my life. [Read more…]


This morning I really needed words for my journey. 

 I needed encouraging words. You see I have been under constant attack for months. And I know why. It’s because God is prospering my ministry, A Voice for the Persecuted. I help Muslims who have converted to Christianity and are under the threat of death. Because of that Satan wages war against me, my family, my finances, and on and on. [Read more…]

Transformational or For a Purpose??

I’m going to ask you that question in a few minutes. 

I write books for a purpose. I pray God can use them in some small way to transform lives and further his kingdom. I mean by that, being a vessel for the Holy Spirit by sparking something in the reader that makes them ponder the spiritual dilemma the character or characters are facing. Sometimes I engage the reader directly, like I do with the tagline in my novel, The Next Target, releasing June 1 . . . Would you share your faith if it would cost you your life?

All my books deal with social, political, and spiritual issues that [Read more…]


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